Maintenance Service

Systems Installed by BOH

Systems installed by BOH comes with compulsory maintenance service contract with a period. Project owner will be able to enjoy worry-free service and use fullest potential of the systems installed with the support of Maintenance Service. After compulsory maintenance service, our customers can choose to extend the service with maintenance service contract with very affordable rate.

Existing Systems

BOH is able to help our customer for existing systems’ maintenance and upgrade too. Maintaining the existing system regularly will help our customers to improve the performance of the systems and will help you to make the most out of the investment. Team BOH will pay a visit upon request by the customer, and propose with the best suited solutions for our customers.

Maintenance Service Contract

Some of our customers prefer to have more reliable service with removing pains of managing the existing and projects with end of compulsory services. BOH is able to provide support with the services of contract services. Service technicians of team BOH will make sure your systems performing the most out of investment and ensure with zero down time.