San Chaung Garden Project

A residence located in San Chaung Township, a sub urban area of Yangon, comprises 400+ rooms. Developed by iGreen Development Company Limited. One of the advantages of scare-parking-space in downtown Yangon.It has a swimming pool, a gym and a convenience store and it also comes with a community center.

CCTV Systems

One hundred over units of cameras are installed across the public areas and moonitored 24/7.

SMATV Systems

Four hundred over units of rooms are distributed with Free-to-air channels and paid channels.

Access Control Systems

All the major entries are controlled with RFID Access Controlled systems. All the elevators installed in the condominium are also controlled with same access card, which is worry-free for the tenants and residences.

The milestone package of foldable arm gate was designed and supplied by BOH, which is one of its kind in Yangon. The design and operation can be seen in below video